We Are Proud To Be A Disability Confident Employer

Our Vision 

We believe that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are the guiding principles that shape our company culture and drive our success. 

As a Disability Confident Employer at Level 2, we are dedicated to actively promoting and supporting the employment of individuals with disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum.

Our vision is rooted in the belief that embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive environment is not only the right thing to do, but also something we are passionate about.

We understand that by harnessing the unique perspectives and talents of individuals with disabilities, we can drive innovation, enhance productivity, and create a truly dynamic team.

Through our partnership with Salford Council and the GC Business Growth Hub, we strive to create meaningful employment opportunities and promote the advancement of individuals with disabilities

Watch our short video featuring Lilly Crawley, our General Manager, as she discusses our ongoing initiatives as a Disability Confident Employer


What does it mean to be a Disability Confident Employer?


It means that we actively seek to remove barriers, provide equal opportunities, and champion the rights of individuals with disabilities.

We understand that disability is not a limitation but rather a unique aspect that deserves recognition and respect. We firmly believe that people with disabilities bring invaluable skills, perspectives, and experiences that enrich our organisation.


We are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration, regardless of one’s abilities. By embracing diversity, we create a vibrant workplace that enables our team members to reach their full potential!

    “Equality is at the heart of Jigsaw. We want to play a leading role in changing people’s attitude towards hiring people with autism and disabilities”.

    Lilly Crawley, General Manager

      Disability Confident Employer

      We are committed to ensuring:


      • We actively look to attract and onboard candidates with a disability
      • We provide a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process
      • Promote a culture of being Disability Confident
      • There are no barriers to the development and progression of employees with a disability 
      • All employees have sufficient disability equality awareness