Office Cleaning Manchester

For a Limited Time we are Offering Free Covid 19  Fogging to any 12-Month Commercial Contracts ( T&Cs Apply). as new variants are being found, it is more important than ever to ensure your staff feel safe at work

Office Cleaning Manchester

Office Cleaning Manchester services that suit your needs and timescales

We offer a broad range of office cleaning services for commercial communal areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, desks and floors. Please take a look through out cleaning services offered below for to help us to build a proposal to suit your needs in and around the Greater Manchester region.

All our office cleaning schedules are produced from the specification on the client and our schedules are signed daily by our team.  Each site has a Health and Safety File which is accessible to the client and cleaning team to ensure they are compliant with our standards.

Your security and privacy is of utmost imortance to us, as it is probably is to you. We ensure that our Manchester and North West team members have a DBS check and are issued with the weekly cleaning schedule.

Areas:  General Office Areas, Private Offices, Boardroom, Meeting Rooms, Reception, Kitchen, Toilets (plus any others specified by client).
Frequency:         Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Floors:                               All floors to be vacuumed and hard floors damp mopped, depending on the size and material
Bins:                                  Empty daily and refill with bin liners if provided.
             Remove waste to refuse collection point.
Desks:                                All desks to be dusted and damp wiped to remove marks.
Office equipment:           Dust all the equipment within a weekly period
Furniture:           Clean as per the specification supplied by client.
Telephones:       Sanitise handset and phone weekly.
Filing cabinets:   Remove obvious finger marks and dust.
Private Offices:  All desks and furniture to be dusted and damp wiped weekly.
Reception:                        Clean area and seating, arrange any magazines and tidy.
Skirtings:             Dust weekly.
Light Switches:   Clean weekly and remove obvious marks.


Windows, and glass:       Windows to be cleaned quarterly or otherwise by agreement with client.
             All glass to be cleaned daily to remove fingerprints.
Kitchens:             Clean using Antibacterial spray on all kitchen hard surfaces.
             Hard floor to be swept clean and damp mopped using a commercial cleaner
             Clean Microwave weekly.
             Clean fridge weekly and remove out of date items.
             Ensure that mops and cloths are colour coded to avoid cross contamination.
Toilets:                              Clean all sinks
             Clean all bowls and cisterns
             Clean mirrors.
             Clean partitions in cubicles as required.
Ensure that floors are swept and mopped daily using sanitising agent.
             Ensure that mops and cloths are colour coded to avoid cross contamination.
             Top up toilet roll and towels, and advise when supplies need replenished and complete stock controls
Office Cleaning Manchester Green Credentials

Our Green Clean and ethical approach to cleaning!

Even the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference when it comes to protecting our natural environment, which is why we also ensure that everything which can be turned off (such as lights and monitors) will be. However, we always check with you first, the last thing we want to do is turn off something that you desperately need to keep working!