Washroom Cleaning Services

Commercial Bathroom Hygiene

Washroom cleaning is an integral part of any business and as a professional and long established washroom cleaning company we work with all our clients to ensure a tailored approach in providing the best service.

Washroom Cleaning Services

At Jigsaw we provide a variety of washroom services, including feminine hygiene units. These are innovative in design, featuring a slim line fit for modern cubicles. All come with pedal operation as standard for maximum hygiene and discretion.

Air Quality

Air quality is always important within a washroom setting, whether it is being used solely by staff, visitors or members of the public. Jigsaw use a range of innovative products which provide a discreet burst of freshness without the use of CFCs, whilst also being quiet to operate.

 A smart solution for a sensitive: Air Freshening, Water saving Systems, Pedal operating pedal bin, Medical systems.

Washroom Cleaning Services Manchester
Bathroom Cleaning Services Manchester

The latest Feminine Hygiene products include:

  • Germicides that are certified against HIV, Hepatitis B and also Hepatitis C. Germicides render every tampon and towel harmless as they enter the sanitary bin.
  • Different operating modes such as integral pedal operation or touch-free operation for hands-free use reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Varying designs to best suit the aesthetics of your washroom.
  • Lockable units for secure areas.


Sanitary Disposal

Since sanitary waste is a controlled waste, it must be disposed of under strict legislation:

Sanitary disposal is governed by the following legislation:

  • Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 1992, Regulation 21.
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34.
  • Water Industries Act 1991.
  • Duty of Care Regulations 1991.

Nappease Nappy Bin 60 Lt Average Price £95 + VAT

Large Green, White or Yellow 60Litre Incontinence bin which would suit a range of service frequencies and high traffic. Foot pedal operated for hygienic disposal of waste. Modesty flap to keep contents discreet, designed for robust performance and easy to service features. Manufactured from ABS plastic.  


Washroom Cleaning Services Manchester