Coronavirus and COVID-19 Advice for Office and Shared Spaces

Ways that we are advising companies to be vigilant to ensuring their staff stay safe 

Although it is known as a touch clean, as part of our Coronavirus prevention clean, we will provide a deep clean your property. This will mainly focus on the most likely transferable bacteria hotspots such as door handles, lift buttons, kitchen utilities and equipment. Most people are full of good intentions but even the most cautious of individuals will transfer bacteria around the workplace, so with such a contagious virus hanging aroud, it won’t take long for any bacteria to spread. 

Jigsaw have put together this advice and service and we have also invested in an anti-microbial fogging machine (which effective for up to 30 days) to help you to mitigate and reduce the risk of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)  spreading to the staff within your office/building. With a 14-day (estimated) gestation period, this bacteria, could be spread quickly throughout your business if action isn’t taken to prevent it from doing so.

We advise our clients to consider increasing the frequency that certain surfaces are cleaned and sanitized and training is recommended to encourage staff to effectively wash their hands and do so more frequently. 

  • High risk touch areas tend to be around building entrances, banisters, door handles and areas where your team might get together such as:
    • Office facilities such as photocopiers and hot desks,
    • Break out area and kitchens
    • Water fountains and tea/coffee making facilities
    • Locker rooms, changing facilities and showers
  • Other high risk areas will be around reception and visitor waiting areas, bathroom facilities, toilets, sideboards, desks and of course, individual workstations
COVID-19 Advice for Public Bathrooms

Are you concerned about COVID-19 in your office?

 We recommend cleaning the areas mentioned previously at least every day and, if possible, between shifts or during breaks. Giving staff access to commercial disinfecting wipes, detergent and water, or commercial anti-microbial products will allow them to clean their own workspace on a regular basis. We recommend a common sense approach such as the more people come into with certain surfaces, the more frequently those surface should be cleaned.

Delegating certain more regular cleaning to some staff is very important, as the surfaces mentioned above will need multiple cleans throughout the working day to fight the virus.

    12 Office Areas Where Might Coronavirus Spread:

    • ​​Desktops & Personal Work Stations
    • Door Handles​ and Push Plates
    • ​Light Switches and Door Release Buttons
    • ​Computers, Screens, Keyboards and Mice
    • Laptops and Mobile Equipment
    • Bathrooms, Toilets and Prayer Rooms
    • Water fountains and drinks dispensers and vending machines
    • Lifts and their doors and buttons.
    • Kitchen Surfaces Including Taps, Sinks and Splash Tiles
    • Desk Phones, Headsets, Bases and Cables
    • Chair Arms and Seats
    • ​Break Out Areas, Cafe Tables, Chairs and all Kitchenware
      COVID-19 Advice for Public Bathrooms

      This list is not exhaustive and we would be happy to discuss in more detail what cleaning requirements you have. We also understand how busy our clients are, we are also able to co-ordinate oven cleaning, carpet, upholstery & hard floor cleaning, please ask our representative for an additional costing.

      Within each building we operate a strict cleaning process using coloured cloths for different areas, to avoid cross contamination and arrive with a fresh set of materials for each building. All our team are trained in Health and Safety regulations and procedures for the correct use of products and equipment.   Minimum hours from 2 hours to 24 hrs.

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