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When it comes to maintaining a sterile and safe environment in medical offices and clean rooms, you need a professional cleaning company which has the skills and experience you can rely on.


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Medical office cleaning experts

Your medical office deserves nothing but the best when it comes to cleanliness, and Jigsaw Facilities delivers precisely that. With a team of highly experienced professionals, we know the ins and outs of medical office cleaning. From reception areas to examination rooms, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring a germ-free environment for your patients and staff.

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Clean room cleaning excellence

Clean rooms demand a level of precision and attention to detail that few can match. Jigsaw Facilities, however, takes up the challenge with enthusiasm. Our clean room cleaning service is a testament to our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Eco-friendly cleaning

In a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues, Jigsaw Facilities stands out as a shining example of eco-friendliness in the cleaning industry. We’ve embraced sustainable practices and green cleaning products to minimise our ecological footprint while maximising cleanliness. 

Reliability you can Trust


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, reliability is non-negotiable. Jigsaw Facilities understands this and prides itself on being a name you can trust. Our team show up on time, every time, ensuring that your medical office or clean room is ready for action when you need it. Dependability is our middle name.

Jigsaw Facilities has become a household name in the North West for a reason. We’ve earned the trust of countless businesses in the region, thanks to our unwavering commitment to cleanliness and customer satisfaction. When you partner with us, you’re not just getting a cleaning service; you’re getting peace of mind.

In the quest for a medical office cleaning service near you, look no further than Jigsaw Facilities. We’re eco-friendly, experienced, reliable, and trusted by businesses all over the North West. With our expertise, your medical office or clean room will be a sanctuary of cleanliness and safety. Don’t settle for less; choose Jigsaw Facilities for the ultimate cleaning experience.

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Happy Customers

"We have been using Jigsaw Facilities for a few years now and they have never let us down. They are dependable, friendly and hard working. The whole office is gleaming every day and smells great. Fantastic service!"

Fiona Brennan

"Highly recommended! Our office has been using Jigsaw Facilities for several years now, and we are extremely satisfied with their work. The team is professional, punctual, and always goes above and beyond to ensure that our office space is sparkling clean."

Adam Rose

"The team at Jigsaw are fantastic, they are efficient and helpful. I would highly recommend the team."

Sarah Smith

"We couldn't recommend Jigsaw facilities enough. Work is of an exceptional high level and they have been nothing but professional every time we have used them. Wonderful company."

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