Deep Cleaning for Commercial Property

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for any business. While regular cleaning keeps your premises tidy, deep cleaning for commercial property takes cleanliness to the next level. Whether you manage an office, retail store, or industrial facility, deep cleaning can significantly enhance the health, safety, and appearance of your space. Here, we explore the importance of deep cleaning and what it entails.


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Deep Cleaning For Commercial Property

Deep cleaning goes beyond the surface to target hidden dirt, grime, and bacteria. This intensive cleaning process involves:

  • Thorough Cleaning of All Areas: Includes areas that are often overlooked during regular cleaning, such as behind furniture, high-touch points, and under appliances.
  • Sanitising and Disinfecting: Ensuring that all surfaces are sanitised to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Specialised Equipment and Techniques: Utilising advanced equipment and cleaning methods to achieve superior results.
  • Attention to Detail: Focusing on every corner and crevice to ensure a comprehensive clean.

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Communal Cleaning

Do you own a large commercial property, student property, flat share or office block? If you do, then you will be responsible for cleaning the communal areas. We offer a broad range of cleaning services to cover all all communal areas include kitchens, washrooms, lifts and corridors.

Office Cleaning

We offer a broad range of office cleaning services covering all communal areas to include kitchens, bathrooms, desks and floors. We can build a proposal to suit your needs, frequency and level of cleanliness.

Washroom Cleaning

Taking washroom hygiene seriously is more important than ever before to provide peace of mind and reduce the potential risks of infection transmission. We can make your washroom sparkle with our range of commercial washroom hygiene services.

Floor Cleaning

We provide floor cleaning services for all types of floors using rotary floor scrubbers, buffers and polishers. Our floor cleaning experts will visit your premises and advise which type of floor buffer would best suit your needs.

Deep Cleaning

We can provide a full deep clean of your property from top to bottom, regardless of the size of your organisation. We don’t always perform the same deep clean service for all of our customers; we will assess your unique situation and determine which form of deep clean is best suited to your property.

Coronavirus Cleaning

Most people are full of good intentions but even the most cautious of individuals will transfer bacteria around the workplace. Our Coronavirus cleaning and fogging service is a prevention measure which includes a touch clean and a full deep clean of your property.

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