There are a whole host of reasons why a clean office is ultimately good for business, but here are a few of our most important ones. 

It reflects who you are 

Your office or work environment is a statement of who you are as an individual, but also as a business.  When people come in to that environment they will make an instant determination of who you are and what it is that you can offer. 

If your office is untidy, poorly maintained and in need of some TLC then this will reflect badly on you as an organisation.  People want to feel that you are on top of every area of your professional life, and overflowing waste bins, dirty floors or crowded desks is not the image they want to be left with. 

It helps you remain organised 

Knowing that everything has its place, and everything is in that place will ensure you don’t have to waste time looking for things when you need them.  Think how much time and energy you waste in the course of a day, week or month scrambling around looking for that post-it you wrote a new clients contact number on.  Having a system and sticking to it will make your life easier, and allow you to achieve more. 

Not only that, but if you are less stressed because you’re not having to search for things, then the work environment itself is going to be far more productive and calm.  It will make it a better place to work and will encourage other people to follow suit. 

Less sick days 

If you work in a communal environment where you are going to be exposed to colleagues, or even staff from other offices, there is a good chance you’re going to come in to contact with their germs.  Whether it’s the communal kitchen and poorly cleaned surfaces, kettle handles or fridge doors or door handles throughout the building, the odds are in the germ’s favour. 

In such a situation staff are at a greater risk of picking up colds and sickness bugs, which could cause them to take a day or two off work.  Depending on the size of your work force, and the seriousness of the bugs they pick up, this could cost the business dearly over the course of a year in sick pay and lost productivity.  You may even have to pay other staff overtime to pick up the slack if you have an important project on. 

With a professional cleaning company such as Jigsaw you can avoid these issues altogether.