In recent years a lot of emphasis have been placed on the need to “go green”.  Whether that means creating a paperless work environment, car sharing or reusing carrier bags we are all doing our little bit in our everyday lives.

Here at Jigsaw we thought it was important that we do just that little bit more.  We already do lots to make sure we are reducing our carbon footprint, from planning our cleaning routes to use the least fuel possible, to sending out electronic contracts to our clients.

The problem with the cleaning industry however is that it has traditionally relied heavily on the use of harsh chemicals.  Not only are these potentially a hazard to the cleaners using them, but also to the environment.  That’s one thing we were determined to address.  We want people to know that when they use Jigsaw they are using a company that protects its staff and is always thinking about the bigger picture.

Using green products means that there are no corrosive chemicals being used, which is better for everyone involved.  The person doing the cleaning is no longer exposed, which reduces the risks of potential skin damage.

Using a cleaning spray can greatly increase your risks of developing asthma, and this is something we are keen to avoid as far as possible.  Even individuals within the work environment could be put at risk if they are exposed to chemical particles whilst we are performing a clean, which is the last thing anyone wants.  When there are alternatives on the market it makes perfect sense to use them.

Summarising all the above, we look to be at the forefront of innovations and use state-of-the-art products that do not harm the environment or the users in any way.